When you talk about Fake Oakley Juliet eyewear, you know that you are talking about eyewear that are popular for their high quality and unique designs that has made them very popular among the fashion-conscious for a long time now. With this knowledge also comes the understanding that with such a high-quality product, high costs often follow closely behind, and this is understandable considering that these are Oakley sunglasses you are talking about. It is because of these high costs that fake Oakley sunglasses are becoming more and more common. The use of such a popular logo on products that are cheaper than the original is actually something a lot of people choose to do these days.

How to Discern Genuine from Fake Oakley Sunglasses:

The O Logo: The fake versions of this popular brand often have logos that are made with painted plastic or has screen printed logos that are easy to scratch off. Authentic logos are more resilient than these and cannot be damaged with a few scratches.

The X-metal Line: When it comes to trying to check if you have fake Oakley sunglasses, the metal line is probably the toughest to determine. However, there are signs you can watch out for. For example, with the original line, you will get sunglasses made in plain metallic shades and that have rivets and screws that are almost impossible to remove. The fake ones contain a lot of plastic parts and have obviously glued on screws and rivets that are easy to remove. The Weight of the Frames: One of the most obvious signs to look out for when you want tell fake Oakley sunglasses apart from the real ones is the weight. Authentic ones weigh more than the fake ones because these are made with high quality alloys and metals while the fake ones are often made with cheap metals and plastics.

Where Product Was Made: Cheap Oakley Juliet is exclusively made in the United States, and so any indication that says made in Taiwan, China, and anywhere else indicates that you have gotten yourself a fake. Stickers: Genuine Oakley sunglasses never have stickers on any part of the sunglass-frame, nosepiece, or arm. Letter Frames in the Nose Bridge Metal: The distinction between the genuine and fake Oakley Juliet sunglasses lies on the appearance of the Oakley logo. The genuine logo is pretty much more defined and is engraved compared to the fake ones. Sunglass Bags: Fake bags are usually made of nylon and materials of the like, while the genuine cleaning bag has an Oakley atomic ware on it. Rubber on Nosepiece or Arm: The rubber material that Oakley uses for their sunglasses can be likened to the material BMX uses for their bikes. It has a sticky and soft rubbery feel on it, unlike the fake ones that feel smoother.

There are a number of other indicators that can help you spot fake Oakley sunglasses. The best way for you to tell though is to touch the product yourself and check it for authenticity with the use of your knowledge on the product. The weight, feel, and look of an original is very hard to truly copy and holding one can easily alert you to whether or not you have the expensive and genuine one in your hands or a cheap knockoff that is masquerading as an authentic pair.

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